An Enjoyable Run Through Hokkaido University Campus

 This morning, I could run in Sapporo.  I had an enjoyable run through Hokkaido University Campus which is vast and very nice.

Sapporo Station (west side).

Leafy plants being grown at Experimental Station for Medical Plant Studies.

The sign and the building of the Engineering School.

A runner and people exercising.

Historical buildings of the Agricultural College.

A fox on the campus!

A field for more agricultural experiments.

Horseback riders.

One of the many beautiful paths on campus.

Sheep and cows of the Agriculture School.

Lacrosse players.

Baseball players.

A pretty pond.

Walkers in the science area.

An interesting store outside of the campus.

Nanakamado - pretty red berries, but the plant is known as wood that does not burn well.

Sapporo was supposed host some of the Olympics games this year..

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