Local Runs of This Week

I could go for several runs this week - and they were very enjoyable.

On Sunday, I went towards Suginami.  Got rained on a bit.

Some building was demolished for the land to be developed.

A trail by Kanda River between Kugayama and Fujimigaoka.

Fallen petals of Kinmokusei (osmanthus)

Wednesday - it was a beautiful morning.

Looking at Inokashira Pond from the bridge at the northern tip.

Coloring of leaves.

Rosemary of our neighbor.

Yesterday  - I ran up northward.

Beautiful flowers.

Horses of an agricultural school.

"Sarunokoshikake" fungi - literary means Stool of Monkey".

Dog owners at Zenpukuji Park.

A cute couple having a morning walk.


And this morning, I saw beautiful sky.

Kanda River by Kugayama.

Back at Inokashira Pond - seen from Hyotanbashi Bridge.

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