Shirakoma Pond Hike and Ropeway Run

I had another wonderful weekend in Tateshina.

Yesterday, my wife and I hiked from Mugikusa Hütte to Shirakoma  Pond.

This is Mugikusa Hütte at which we could park and start our hike.

The altitude is  2,127 meters (approx. 6,978 ft) above sea level.

The trail right by the pond.

The name is "pond" but it really is a lake - largest of Tateshina area at the altitude of 2,115 meters.  It is the largest lake above 2,000 meters in Japan.

Coloring  of autumn leaves are starting  now.

Cute mushroom.


Someone piled up rocks.

Yatsugatake Mountains seen from a view point on the way back.

And this morning, I ran all the way up to the top of the Ropeway.

A beautiful leaves close from our resort.

More moss.

The climb was hard.

Looking back down the ski slope down.

As we got close from the top, got very foggy.

This is the building that houses the upper station of the Ropeway.

The altitude of the top station - 2,237 meters (7,339 feet)

Yokodake Shrine.

The ropeway.

Some views of the way down.

Almost at the bottom.

Cute little berries.

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