A Run to Toshimaen

Yesterday morning, I ran to Toshimaen - an old amusement park that closed in August.

This is a walk-way that closed up Igusa River.

This is a photo of boys catching fish - probably in 1950s.

A little shrine at a Y.

Route 8 - Mejiro-dori.

Garbage collectors were busy.

Shakujii River's water level was low.

The parking lot of the closed park.

A lot of the park has been demolished.

The entrance of the park remained.

A New Year's ornament stand - notice the cute little white dog.

Jizo to make a wish (Gankake).

A park close from Nakano Station.  A part of the facility that held some 100,000 dogs during the Edo Period.  This essay explains why his happened.

The area dogs were held are in black lines.  The park is the green north of the train tracks.  You can see how huge the dog facility was.

A  construction site by the Station.

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