My Last Run of 2020

My last run of 2020 was yesterday.  I had to wait until the rain stopped in the morning.  So I went in the middle of the day. And it turned out to be beautiful.

This store had many customers queued up, but mostly in popular parks of the area, did not have too many people. I suppose this is due to people complying with the request by the government to stay home.

 Hardly anybody there to enjoy the beautiful weather.


A delivery vehicle has many boxes from a very successful company.

Tateno Park - empty.

A little playground by the city hall.

Musashino Chuo Park - a very few people.

Sekimae Park.

A new little play area along the path.

Another little playground by Inokashira-dori street.

More path.

More path.


The swan boat rental was closed.

The stage area - no Art Markets.

A path close from Inokashirakoen Station.

Although I could not run much in the earlier months of this year (because of gout problem I developed after Toyama Marathon - Oct. 2019), I could average over 150 km per month in the latter half to make approx. 1,590 km for the whole year.  I hope I will be able to keep up the pace next year.

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