This Week' Local Runs

It is now getting pretty cold in Tokyo.  In the past week, I could put in three nice runs.

Wednesday morning, I had a very early morning run.

Shadows of trees on the wall that surrounds a former golf driving range.

Takeshita Park.

Shakujii River is being worked on.

I can use some warmth about now.

A train is about to leave a station.

On Thursday, I ran in the late afternoon.

A narrow road by Kugayama Station.

An electronics store by Fujimigaoka Station looks more like a toy store.

Kanpachi traffic.

People waiting to cross the street south of Takaido.

And yesterday, I enjoyed a run in the morning.

Daiagai Shopping street displays a Christmas wreath.

A resident has nice trees.

Beautiful colors in the local university property.

The skateboard area is closed at the city athletic complex.

Christmassy decoration at Chuokoen Park.

Pink petals of Camellia fell.

Back at our park.

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