Tateshina Highland Runs

I have been staying in Tateshina Highland since last week.  It has been very nice to escape the crazy summer heat of Tokyo.  And I could put in 3 nice runs around our place.

Last Friday, I could go up to the private trail.

The top plateaux of the trail - 1,860 meters (approx. 6,100 feet) altitude.

Some parts of the trail is very rocky.

Sunday morning, I stayed in our villa area.

Trees grow around the volcanic rocks.

A view from a road looking up to higher level houses.

Sand to be used in case the road gets slippery in winters.

Potholes were fixed recently.

And this morning, I went down and up again.  It was pretty tough coming up.

Water was seeping out of the road crack.

Coming down to the entrance of Pilatus Village.

A little creek.

Another view of Mt. Tateshina seen from the villa entrance.

Each run's altitude difference was close to 200 meters.  The altitude average is probably around 1,700 meters.

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