Two Nice Weekend Runs

I had two nice morning runs this past weekend.

I started running a bit later than I would have liked.  For that, I got very HOT.

People were gathering for a tour of Inokashira Park.

People taking care of the quality of the pond water.

A triangular entrance way to a local Shinto Shrine.

This is the lowest price of gasoline I've seen in a while (JPY/Liter).

Many people were waiting to enter Jindai Botanical Garden.

A dry moat of an old fortress.

Fire engines in Inokashira area.

Inokashira Line train passes a crossing.

Yesterday, it was a cooler morning.

This family supports Ukraine.

A Chinese restaurant close from Nishi Ogikubo Station.

Nishi Ogikubo Station.

Real lovey-dovey.

The start of Zenpukuji River.

Pretty Cosmos flowers - there was a bee.

Morning glory.

Inokashira Pond seen from the east end.

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