Last Weekend Runs

Last weekend, I could put in 2 fairly long morning runs.

Saturday morning, I ran to Shinjuku Station.

Musashino City Fire Hydrant manhole.

A bending road on the way to Shinjuku.

Metro train service area.

Pretty purple flowers

People waiting for the traffic signal to change.

A statue of a mother and her child in Shinjuku Central Park.


A sturdy pedestrian bridge over Koshu Kaido by Shinjuku Station.

The entrance of Shinjuku JR system.

Sunday, I ran west on Inokashira-dori.

Children practicing soccer.

FC Tokyo poster.

A warning sign for ravens.

Urban green onion field.

Only in Japan - construction machineries are painted pink.

A hand-made monument in Musashino Chuo Park.

I encountered quite a downpour on the way back.

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