Two Nice Runs in Bangkok

I was back in Bangkok for the first time since before the pandemic.  I could do two runs in mornings.

The day before yesterday, from my hotel, ran to Lumphini Park.

A man is transporting is merchandise.

A fancy looking fast food restaurant.

An entrance to Lumphini Park.

The market in front of one of the park entrances.

There were many runners and walkers in the park.

An statue of a mother with a child.

Reflections of tall buildings on the lake.

Art on the wall of the German Embassy.

Elevated public transportation system.

Bad traffic.

Yesterday morning, I ran to Bangkok Station and back along Chao Phraya River.

The view of the river from my hotel room.

Garuda on a wall of a building.

Bangkok Station.

A mail box.

A temple in the Chinatown.

A Chinese school.

An interesting art.

A nice boat on the river.

More interesting art.

The wall of the French Embassy.

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