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I took a trip to a town on the Sea of Japan side of the country - the area that gets direct hit of northern wind from cold Siberia. On Thursday morning, a bit of snow fall from the day before and overnight made the area very beautiful.

I truly enjoyed my morning walk in crispy air (I didn't try to run for the roads were so slippery from black ice - learn from others ... I have a friend that fell and bruised his leg. Ref: friend).

During the day, the temperature rose and snow melted. Spring is definitely on the way even for this area.

冷たく新鮮な空気を吸いながら朝散歩しました(道が凍っていたので走るのはやめておきました。友人で転んで大きなアザを作ってしまった友人がいるので、二の舞にならないように・・・参照: 友人

This photo was taken around 6:12 am.


This is an old local high school building that was built in 1903 - western style architecture. The photo above it is a nice garden of the school. Tree branches were covered with snow and ice.


The above is a view from my hotel window just before checking out of it.


This picture was taken later during the day. Snow melted rapidly on fields, but actually, precipitation continued up in mountains - relief for skiers.


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