Daikon palm trees

I would like to introduce some scenes from my usual running/walking routes. Where I live used to be considered quite far from central Tokyo. But with the modern rail systems, we now have many houses here and the city is pretty much continuous for miles beyond. But still, we do have some remnants of old times.

Here are old farm houses. There aren't that many of them any more.

These are Japanese radish (daikon) that look like palm trees. They look weird, but are actually quite tasty. Seen behind them are bamboo trees.


dbp said...

When my wife and I drove from Washington State to New England, we saw big piles of Daikon that were freshly harvested in Wyoming. I wonder how much of that was exported?

In researching this, I came across some history. Wyoming was one location where Japanese were interned during WWII. While there, they grew produce they were used to such as Daikon and Napa cabbage. Maybe this is how it was discovered that it would grow well there...

Our formeer Sec. of Transportation Norman Mineta was there as a boy.

datadawak said...