Sakura, sakura.

It was on Saturday EVERYBODY in Tokyo went out to see cherished Sakura (cherry blossom). The weatherman's prediction was fairly accurate from earlier this month.

It was a wonderfully sunny and warm day. With beautiful light pink cherry flowers almost completely fully blossomed, it really was a perfect day for outing to enjoy pleasure of the new season.

I took a peaceful and enjoyable walk in my nearby park around 6:30 - 7:30 am or so. It was obvious that some people camped out from the night before to reserve good spots for "Hanami". This park has many cherry trees all around the pond. Because the pond reflects the flowers, it makes it doubly enjoyable and for that makes this park such a popular Hanami spot. There were also many photographers (kind of like me) taking pictures of cherry blossoms.

Later on, about 1:00 pm, I went out again, this time with my children. Boy, the park looked very different. Actually, it was so crowded that I think there were more people than the cherry flowers. Some places, we could hardly walk!

All the photos posted heare are from the morning walk, except for the one with boats.

This is a "Shinto shrine" in the park.


cigs.excellent said...

Very beautiful natura

dbp said...

Beautiful pictures!

I had not realized that "sakura" meant cherry blossom until now. It is the name of our closest Japanese restaurant. Most likely, I will now notice that the sign is adorned with cherry blossoms...

On another note: All the pictures expand when they are clicked-on, except for the last one; the one with the shrine.