Asukayama Park

In 1720, cherry trees were planted by then shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, at a hill of Asukayama for enjoyment of the public. This area has become one of the most famous parks for cherry blossom enjoyment in Tokyo.

Yesterday, I had a nice stroll in the park at lunch time.

This is the entrance to the park from Hongo-Dori street.

A nice playground.

Shinkansen and other train tracks are close from the park.

There are nice trails through the park.

A nice little clock tower.

A family enjoys a picnic under cherry blossoms.
It has been windy, so I don't think the flowers will last much longer this year.


Lisa said...

I would love to see those beautiful trees.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your nice comment. Please visit again.