Zenpukuji Park

I had a pleasant jog and a stroll in Zenpukuji Park yesterday. Weather was warm and beautiful.

This is a view from the Lower Pond (east side) where the water becomes Zenpukuji River.

Sakura flowers are now 80 percent blown off the trees.

Sakura petals fell and made pink patterns on the surface of the Upper (west) pond.

A close-up view of the petals on the pond.

A nice picnic area.

A playground is situated on the side of Upper pond.


evewhat said...

Zenoukuji koen is one of the nicest places to be I think!I wish I was there to feed some ducks and walk my dog! Very nice pictures!

datadawak said...

Thank you for your message. Yes, it was indeed very nice there last weekend. I always enjoy going there.