A Run in Rainy Toyama

In a pouring rain, I had a nice long run around the City of Toyama this morning.

JR Toyama Station is under construction to be ready for Hokuriku Shinkansen.

A huge crane for the construction of the station - seen from my hotel.

Inari Park - about 2 km east of the station.

Joto Fureai Park - about 3 km east of the station.

Jonan Park - about 2.5 km south of the station.

A bridge in Toyama Castle Park - about 1 km south of the station.

Interesting car parking arrangement.

A platform of the local train lines - Toyama Chiho Railway.

Today is Tanabata - wishes of children are strung on bamboo branches at Toyama Airport.

The weather cleared up in the afternoon - and got very clear and HOT!

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