I climbed Tateyama today.  This really was my first time with a serious mountain hike, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was very steep and it took about 7 min. to the other end - Bijodaira Station.

 Murodo, the start of Tateyama hike is at altitude of 2,450 m (8,067 ft).

We had to walk over snow.

Beautiful little flowers - the white ones are Aleutian Avens and the pink - Schizocodon soldanelloides.

The weather cleared when we got to Ichinokoshi, 2,700 m (8,858 ft) point.

From that point was very rocky and steep climb.

Almost at the top - great view!

The peak - 3,003 m (9,852 ft).

Then the weather turned again to cloudy/rainy.

Walking down on more snow.

From Murodo, to the peak and back took about 5 hours.  I encountered sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, and saw snow - it was wonderful!

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