Hachijo Jima

Hachijo Jima is a subtropical island that belong to Tokyo.  It is 284 km due south of Tokyo.  One has to either take a ferry or many people like me, take one-hour airplane ride from Haneda Airport.

I had a very nice run in the morning of the day before yesterday to the top of Mt. Hajijo Fuji - elevation 854 m (approx. 2,801 ft) - the highest point of the island.

The mountain of Hachijo Fuji viewd close from my hotel.

Climbing instruction - warnings and all.

Typical of the road - mostly like this.

The top was never seen - always had a cloud.

The entrance of the mountain trail to the top.

At least most of it had steps - very steep!

Almost at the top - getting foggier (or cloudier).

The very top - this was actually the rim of the crater.

A view of the ocean - was hardly visibile.


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