Local Run Scenes

Last Monday was a holiday - "Umi no hi" - or Marine Day.  Unfortunately, I could not go to a beach, but I had a nice run - this time to the north from my home.

Seibu Shinjuku Line - usually painted yellow.

A kindergarten yard had these nice flowers.

I hit the noise barrier wall of Kan-Etsu Expressway beyond Oizumi Gakuen.

Then I was in Saitama - a kiwi farm.

An official poster board of Saitama candidates of the coming election of House of Councilors.  The big election will be the 21st of July.

An old farm house displayed old masks.

A preserved farm area - enclosed by ra esidential area.

An official poster board of Tokyo candidates of the coming election of the House of Councilors.


dbp said...

The flower looks like some variety of "Rose of Sharon" which is the national flower of South Korea. We have one in our yard, though its flowers are mostly white.

datadawak said...

Thank you for letting me know about the flower.