After A Typhoon Run

Japan was hit by a typhoon today - it rained and rained yesterday and a part of today.  But by the late afternoon, it has passed Tokyo and the wind calmed down enough for my wife and I to go for a run.

Below are the photos I took of the aftermath of the storm - in chronological order.

At the entrance of Inokashira Park were many fallen trees.

This tree broke in half - too bad for it was a cherry tree.

This one fell.

The train track by JR Mitaka Station.

A park my sons used to play soccer - flooded.

A small street by Seikei University.

A busy street by our home - sky was pink.

I climbed up on our roof to find a great view of Mt. Fuji.

The damage in Tokyo was not so terrible, but the typhoon really scarred many places as it ripped through Japan yesterday and today.

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