Macau Run and Sightseeing

I had a day in Macau, yesterday. I could squeeze in a run and sightseeing in the city.

This is the hotel I stayed the night before.

This is where I ran to - Macau Tower.  The body of water is Sai Van Lake with a beautiful cable stayed bridge - Ponte de Sai Van.

Of course, early in the morning, bicycle taxis were still not operational.

There are many pawn shops in this city.

I first thought this painting on a concrete wall was a graffiti, but it is actually an official poster.

A-Ma Temple - the oldest and most famous and it is believed that the name of the city derived from it.

Here's another wall slogan close from the temple.

The Church of Our Lady of Penha sits on a hill that can be seen from the city.

Here's the view from the church - spectacular.

 The best egg tart of Macau is sold at this bakery.

The shopping mall of the Venitian Hotel Resorts.

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage site.

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