Nagoya - a bit of the past and brand new

I was back in Nagoya briefly over the weekend and on Sunday morning, I could fit an approx. 10 K run there.

Close from Nagoya Station, the city does not offer much of interesting sites, but I could find some historical buildings this time.

This old building is now used only as low-priced Obento stand.

A small street about 800 m (1/2 miles) NE from the station has old buildings.

One of the buildings seen from the front.

A board told me that they were from the 17th century.

A local Shotengai

"Paris Festival" was being promoted.

Restaurant display - "Ebi Furya" or fried prawn is a popular cuisine in Nagoya.

A statue of Oda Nobunaga, a local hero.

Old residential buildings.

A peaceful street right by Nagoya Castle.

Right by the station, a lot of construction is on going.

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