Kichijoji Streets

My trip was cancelled so, I was in Kichijoji over the weekend.  Since I had time, I ran and walked around town.

A big election is coming up - on the 10th for the House of Councillors.

The entrance way for a local college - our current Prime Minister is an alumnus.

A park by Nakamichi Street.

A store on Nakamichi.

Figurines on a window of a store.

A vending machine on Itsukaichi Kaido.

An Izakaya.

Pictures on a store shutter.

Pink with white polcadot power shovels.

A bicycle parking structure on Suehiro-dori.

Ornamental Peppers at a local store.

Friends were gathered at Sankaku Koen Park for a jazz performance.

Wild lilies by Tamagawa Josui.

Beautiful thistle flower.

Children exercising at Nishi-En.

An art by students of a local high school.

A nice vending machine by Tokyu Department Store.

 Penny Lane - but there is no barber showing photographs.

 A local electronics store - it's really big.

And behind it is an owl cafe where you can play with the birds.

It was VERY hot over the weekend.  Summer is really here in Tokyo.

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