Jinzu River Run

On Monday morning (which was a holiday in Japan), I could run along Jinzu River in Toyama.

Hokuriku Shinkansen Bridge seen from the river bank on the east side.

I crossed over to the west side of the river on Shintsu Ohashi Bridge.

The trail by the river bank.

New Toyama Ohashi Bridge.

The old one was much narrower.

The riverbed.

Arisawabashi Bridge.


Jizo statues on the roadside.

Morning glory flowers.

Solar panels beyond soybean field.

Pretty flowers.

Fuchuohashi Bridge.

Golf practice area in the riverbed.

Pretty flowers on the riverbed.

Because of the airport, the expressway bridge is painted red/white on the east side.

Unused playground equipment.

The trail on the riverbed.

I ran under Arisawa Bridge.

Then went back to it and crossed it over to the east side.

 The riverbed on the east side of the river.

The water gate by Toyamaohashi Bridge.

A small bridge that mimics the shape of the old boats on Matsukawa River.

Close from my hotel was an Izakaya with old Japanese movie posters. 

And tin toys - nostalgic!


Anonymous said...

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datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment. Sorry I missed it until today for I rarely get any comments on my blog. If you read this, please write again for I'd love to get re-connected.