A Cool Run in Otaru

Otaru is a nice little port town in Hokkaido.  It was a bustling port until the end of WWII,

Although I got rained on a bit, I enjoyed a very nice run there, yesterday morning.
Temperature was 19 degrees Celsius - much cooler than Tokyo.

A ferry just arrived with big containers of goods.

There are trades with Russians.

A pleasure harbor cruise boat.

Seagulls are many.

The harbor of Otaru seen from west end of it.

I climbed up a very steel hill.

Otaru Inari Shrine atop of the hill.

A track at Temiya Park.

Then ran down a steep hill towards the city.

 Otaru Museum includes old rail facilities.

Former Nippon Yusen Building - it is a registered important historical site.

The Marina seen from my hotel room.

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