A Day in Shinminato

I had a fantastic day in Shinminato, Toyama, yesterday.

I spent a bit of time at Kittokito Market.

People checking out fresh fish.



This giant squid was found at the harbor last December.

Shinminato Harbor - with Kaiomaru, a JMDF ship, and a Coast Guard ship.

Sail paraders before a sailboat race.

Some participants were very funny.

The sails racing in Toyama Bay.

After the race, I had a bit of time to walk around the marina and the beach.

Sails coming in to the marina.

I could enjoy Shikuwasa flavored shaved ice, or in Japanese - Kakigori.

 A nice calm beach.

Evening - the award ceremony and barbecue.

A Japanese salsa band concert concluded the evening.

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