The First Run of 2017

It was a beautiful day to log my first run of the year.  Took a fairly long run to Musashino Park and Nogawa Park.

Higashi-Koganei Station - the north side has been under construction for a while.

A little playground a bit south of the station.

Nogawa River - this is be beginning of Musashino Park.

Kite fliers were enjoying the beautiful day.

Nice woody trail of Musashino Park.

We enjoyed running along Nogawa River.

Beautiful herons.

In Nogawa Park, this couple got their kite string caught in a tree.

People enjoying the sunny day in the park.

In the main part of Nogawa Park, there were many children were at play.

Tohachi Road cuts through Nogawa Park.

Osawa Hachiman Shrine by Hitomi-kaido street.

The playground in the western part of Inokashira Park.

A long line of people waiting for Hatsumode at Inokashira Benten Shrine.

The New Year's ornament at our front door.

My first race will be on next Sunday (Half-marathon), so this was a good workout to prepare for that.

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