Photos from My Beautiful Weekend Runs

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I had beautiful runs in our neighborhood.

A big yellow leaves of gingko tree in Zenpukuji Park.

A fun monument at Igusamori Park.

A beautiful little pond of the park.

A vegetable field.

A robot statue by Kami-Igusa Station.

A robot picture on the shutter of a ramen restaurant - it is wearing a local college rugby shirt.

Shodows on the wall of Kami-Igusa Sports Center.

 Down slope to Inokashira Park.

A path of the park.

Little children playing rugby.

The entrance to a walk path by Chuo Park.

Gotenyama of Inokashira Park.

A pump was being installed at Benten Pond of Inokashira Park.

A singer by the pond.

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