A NIce Lunch-Time Walk in Asukayama Park

I took a nice walk in Asukayama Park at lunch time.  It was a sunny winter day.

Another crazy cherry blossom out of season.

The playground seen from the former residence of Shibusawa Eiichi.

Shinkansen Tracks are close by.

A tea room used to be here - was burned by an air raid in 1945.

Kabuto Inari - moved from its original location in Kabutocho in 1897.

A big Camphor tree.

The library.

A Toro has Tokugawa Shogun family emblem.

Bankoro, built in 1917 by Shimizu as a gift for Shibusawa's 77th birthday.

A statue of Shibusawa stands by Bankoro.

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