Icy Run in Sapporo

It was icy and cold when I went for a run in Sapporo yesterday morning.  At least the weather was fine and there was no wind.

A lot of the sidewalks in the city were frozen.  Had to be very careful and take short steps - tried not to slip.

More icy sidewalks going towards west.

The entrance of Hokkaido Shrine.

A long approach to the main shrine.

The shrine building.

I kept running up towards Maruyama park area.


Some sidewalks were very narrow.

There were some walking trails through woods.

Back in the city - more ice.

Some back streets were very frozen.

A decorative pole for the season.

Statues of Horace Capron and Kuroda Kiyotaka to pioneers of the early days of Hokkaido.

One of the "Light Tunnels" - must be pretty at night.

The symbolic Sappro Tower.

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