A Run in Snowy Nanto and Oyabe

My last time to run on snow for the year was yesterday morning in Nanto and its adjacent Oyabe, Toyama Prefecture.  It snowed the day before, so it was very beautiful.

Rice and other vegetable fields were covered with snow.

A road direction sign.

Amazingly, most of the side walks were shoveled.

More snow-covered rice fields.

Kasuga Jinja in Oyabe.

A cute traffic poster - "Stop" at a crosswalk.

A water level control gate of Oyabe River.

A local Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple had a smart triangular device at the entrance to avoid snow.

A local elementary ground was completely covered with snow.

A pretty white heron.

An Otani-sect Buddhist temple in Nanto.

 Snow Plows - must have been busy the day before.

Solar panels must not be so effective with snow collected on them.

Oyabe River seen from Kawasaki Bridge.

A little tree and green leaves showing out of snow.

I ran on this snow by Tabikawa River.

More beautifully snow-covered fields.

Kadomatsu - New Year's ornaments at my hotel entrance.

My feet were completely soaked, but it was very satisfying.

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