A Nice Run in Mito

This morning, I had a very nice run in Mito, a very historic and beautiful city in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The most famous trio of the local region - Mito Komon in the middle.

Pretty yellow flowers on the riverbank of Naka River.

A nice suspension bridge over Naka River.

A tunnel goes to Mito City Center.

 M-SPO restaurant by the local basketball team's indoor practice court.

 A new bridge being built.

A runner by Lake Senba.

A pretty cherry blossom - one of the few that was left.

People gathered around another statue of Mito Komon.

Another pretty cherry blossom by the lake.

Swans - black and white.

Pretty tulips.

The view of the lake from the east side.

Sakura River.

Three ladies walking towards Mito Station.

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