Two Runs in Singapore

I was back in Singapore - about 25 hours in the city.  But I could put in two nice runs while I was there.

Yesterday morning, the sun was already up - and it got up to close to 30 deg. C!

Ran to Fort Canning - where a big reservoir is.

There are huge trees there - Madras Thorn.

An old 9 Pound Cannon.

I found a Hindu temple - many people were in there.

There are many construction sites in Singapore.

A kindergarten.

A little statue of a priest on a roadside.

These little fruits looked like cherries.

A heart with locks - must be for love commitments.

Statues that show how things used to be.

An old cable-stayed bridge.

These are interesting - paparazzi dogs?

This morning, I started out earlier, so it was not as hot, but still temp. was 27 degrees before 7 am.

A fire station.

I could not tell whether this was a graffiti or art.

I ran in Pearl's Hill City Park - it displayed the scary sign here, too.

A cute little community.

Old ladies were exercising.

A cute street with restaurants.

An old Chinatown shopping area.

A view of Singapore skyline close from my hotel.

It was nice, but after runs, it takes a lot of time to cool down.

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