Weekend Hanami Run

Yesterday, I went for a very nice run in western Tokyo.  Petals of cherry blossoms are falling fast, now.

Kanda River by Sankaku Park.

Beautiful pink flowers of Sankaku Park.

A beautiful tree at the west edge of the park.

Close from Mitakadai Station.

Birds on an telephone wire.

More Kanda River.

Young green leaves are beautiful

Tulips close between Kugayama and  Fujimigaoka Stations.

A park by west of Takaido Station.

Kanda River east of Takaido.

The Takaido Smoke Stack.

White and red plum blossom.

A residential area by the park.

A very special plum blossom - three colors!

A little park north of Hamadayama.

A bus depot.

A little road south of Inokashira Dori.

A pretty flowers and futon being dried.

A beautiful flowers in the residential area of Kichijoji.

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