Nice Morning Run Along Tamagawajosui

On Saturday morning, I had a nice run back along Tamagawajosui Aqueduct south of Eifukucho.

Western part of the aqueduct is underground now - and above it, runs Shuto Expressway.

A stone bridge kind of shows what the aqueduct looked like a long time ago.

Parts of the area are now playgrounds.

This is where the expressway crosses Kanpachi, a major ring road.

A new bypass is partially opened now.

This is where the new road joins Hitomi Kaido.

A very narrow path of a trail by Tamagawajosui by Hitomi Kaido.

The trail by Inokashira Park.

Gotenyama area of the park.

People on little boats were inspecting the pond - very green now.

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