A Run Around San Joaquin Golf Cours + UCI

Friday morning, I could put in a nice run in Irvine, California.  My wife and I ran around San Joaquin Golf CourseThe property may be sold to become a residential area.  It will be too bad if that happens for it is a nice open space for the already crowded city of Irvine.

A nice street lined with Eucalyptus trees.

The sign of the golf course at the entrance.

The practice driving range.

The golf course is green and nice.

I hope the area will not be developed, but it is a very expensive real estate.

The trail on the east side of San Diego Creek right by the golf course.

Anteater Express bus - we were now in University of California, Irvine (UCI) area.

Peter the Anteater - the mascot of the university.

 Bicycles of students parked by an academic building.

Beautiful Aldrich Park lies in the middle of the campus.

The area by the libraries.

Some parts are under renovation.

Irvine is one of the nicest areas of California.

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