Weekend Local Runs

I could run twice past weekend - both mornings, of course.  It was scorching hot, even at fairly early morning time (between 7:30 ~ 9:00).

Momoi Harappa Park on Saturday.

These people were playing Pétanque.

"Yuhodo" or "playful walking alley".

Pretty ground flowers on roadside.

A picture warns drivers to be careful of children.

A bus was coming towards Kichijoji Station.

One of the volunteers to clean Inokashira Pond.

On Sunday, I ran down Kanda River towards Tokyo.

A pedestrian walk-way west of Takaido Station.

Bamboo woods.

This water fountain in a playground saved me from dehydration. 

The new road construction is really coming along.

A trail by Nishi-En of Inokashira Park.

Nishi-En track. 

This is by Gotenyama, close from Inokashira Park - going down toward the pond.

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