Osaka Run - Nakanoshima + Castle

On Thursday, I could go for a nice run in Osaka.  Ran north from my hotel to Nakanoshima, then ran along side it to the east.  I ran by Osaka Castle and back.

A takoyaki restaurant - an interesting design.

Kyu-Yodo River by Nakanoshima.

Osaka is a candidate city for Expo 2025.

 The rose garden of Nakanoshima.

Boats on Kyu-Yodo River.

A monument of Tenma's Lullaby.

The trail by the river.

The old and new Ginbashi Bridges.  The new one was designed by Ando Tadao.

A cat drinking water from a rain puddle.

Lotus plants in a pond.

People exercising.

Osaka Castle looks small by a skyscraper.

The moat of the castle.

Posters of the TV shows are displayed by NHK.

Tanukizaka Daimyojin Shrine in Minamiohe Park.

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