My Third Run in Geneva

On Thursday, I could go for my third run while I stayed in Geneva.  This time, it had to be early in the morning, so it was still pretty dark when I started.

Trams are very efficient modes of transportation.

The moon over Rhone River.

Commuters walking towards the station.

A hotel displays flags of Geneva and the country.

A nice promenade of University of Geneva.

One of the main building of the university.

Construction workers by Plaine de Plainpalais.

A family walks through the nice green park at the northern tip of the park.

Nymphe de la Fontaine.

A nice trail by Rhone.

One of the university buildings.

Graffitis on a wall.

Airplane clouds in the sky.

A nice garden with a big tree.

Another beautiful tree.

A modular building block being assembled.

Some modern glass buildings.

A display on a bus - Escalade Race.

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