More Runs in Kichijoji

This week, I ran through Kichijoji's Higashi-cho and Kita-machi.

Thursday morning - Higashi-cho west of Shoan Elementary School of Suginami.

Parking lots under the elevated train track of Chuo Line.

Here, also the streets are very straight.

The back gate of a local girl school.

A little park.

A Bosai (Disaster Preventionn) Park.

Yesterday morning, I ran west of it - more Higashi-cho.

Clever mirrors to show traffic by Tokyo Women's Christian University.

A power transmission tower.

Twin pines.

Beyond this point is Musashino City.

Art in front of a Children Support facility.

Cute bird figures.

An open area.

An interesting building.

A road is being expanded.

Amabie - colored by children. 

This morning, I ran in Kita-machi, west of Kichijoji-dori.

I ran into this wall that prevented me from going forward - WHY?

There are nice parks.

Children's drawings.


Another cute little park.


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