Nishiogikubo~Shoan Area Run

This week, I ran the area south of Nishiogikubo Station and  north of Itsukaichi-Kaido.

Tuesday morning, I started by the station.

A person is walking towards the station.

Banners to support FC Tokyo.

An empty lot has a building construction notice.

A store announcement says that they had made masks.

Shotengai and restaurants/Izakaya area.

Soda vending machines.

A narrow alley.

A Honganji-sect Buddhist temple.

A house with a pile of trash.

A bee in common evening primrose flower.

Playground equipment.

Yesterday morning, I continued where I left off towards west.

"Eyes" prevent crimes.

Persimmon orchard.

Businesses renting the are below elevated train tracks.

A raven.

An orchard.

Twin pines.

Pretty flowers.

Vines growing in front of a residence.

Shoan-dori looking towards Nishiogikubo Station.

A nice painting on a pillar of the elevated train tracks.

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