A Beautiful Run in Kesennuma - 6 years later...

I had a beautiful run this morning in Kesennuma.  It was great to see that situation was much better compared to when I visited it last time in 2014.

There still were many empty lots, but roads were fixed and there were many new buildings.  I could see that much progress was made in 9 years.

A road fixing work.

A kindergarten.

A manhole.

The great seafood restaurant was raised to protect from tsunami.

The bridge to Ukimi-do.

Ikari Shrine.

More construction by the harbor.

A new attraction - Pier 7.

Ships at the port.

Fish market - the blue vertical line shows the height of tsunami of 11 March, 2011.

Vacant lots.

A new big bridge under construction.

The blue line shows the tsunami height.

Purple clovers.

Used Kei Cars.

Drawings of fish on a pedestrian walk.

Hoya Boya, the mascot of Kesennuma.

The large empty lot leading to my hotel.

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