Running in Mure Area

Last week, I enjoyed running in Mure, Mitaka area.

   Tuesday morning, I ran the area behind Hosei High School.

Ornaments of the Sun.

The brown building is Hosei High School.

Beautiful hydrangea flowers.

A football field of a local school.

A totem pole at a kindergarten.

Behind of a gargoyle.

Thursday morning, I ran in the area further south that had many apartments.

A really big residential complex.

A slide in a playground.

A bicycle parking area.

A grocery store parking area was being restricted.

A path in the area being renovated.

An urban farmland.

A new road was being planned.

A gravel alley.

This cat was checking me out.

 Sunday morning, I further ran the area close from Tohachi-doro.

A local junior high school.

A street by big apartment buildings.

Famous health drink

A tree farm.

Another urban farmland.

Hydrangea flowers are beautiful.

A little Kubota yumbo.

A big kindergareten.

People taking a walk in the neighborhood.

A type of a walnut - there is a little caterpillar.

People were queued up a grocery store early in the morning.

Cute little creek by a big residential complex.

As I run the way I do - through little streets, I am learn about my neighborhood I missed all these years.

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