A Run to A Movie Location in Marugame

It was a beautiful morning when I went for a run in Marugame last Friday.

The view of Setonaikai Inland Sea - can see Seto Ohashi Bridge in a distance.


A dog by Doki River.

Beautiful sunrise - the mountain is Iino Yama.

Plains coreopsis - another invader plants.

Rice paddy.

The area is pretty flat - with cute low buttes.

White egrets on Miya Ike Pond.

The exact location spot of UDON movie's restaurant scene.

A nice vegetable field.

The Shinto Shrine .

A farm equipment and the forest surrounds the shrine.

Morning glory flowers.

A swan by the moat of Marugame Castle.

The moat and the Tenshu building of the castle.

Marugame Fire Department has nice fire engines.

Marugame Gokoku Jinja Shrine close from the castle.

A building was being demolished.

A nice park by the port.

Telephone/electricity transmission pole factory.

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