Runs to Setagaya/Karasuyama Area

This weekend, I could put in 2 runs.

Yesterday, I ran in the afternoon - it was cloudy and fairly cool.

Pretty white lilies.

A woody area.

A construction site of Gaikan by Chuo Expressway.

A farm land by the expressway.

An old residential house at Kita-Karasuyama

More green area.

An urban farm area.

A new part of Tohachi-doro.

A little temple was fixed by the big tree at Tohachi/Hitomi-kaido.

Tall sunflowers.

Orange lilies are numerous.

And this morning, I ran with my wife - to similar area.

A train leaving towards Shibuya from Inokashirakoen Station.

A part of Takaido Park is now open.

A baseball team was practicing below Chuo Expressway.

One of many temples in Teramachi area.

Benzaiten Shrine of Kamoike Pond.

Typha in the pond.

Koi and turles.

A runner by the athletic facilities of Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education.

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