A Run to Tsutsujigaoka

Yesterday was supposed to be the starting day of Tokyo 2020 Olympics if not for the COVID problems.  Instead of attending the opening ceremony, at least I could enjoy a nice run in the afternoon.  This time I ran down south towards Tsutsujigaoka Station, in Setagaya.

 A new residential development area in Inokashira had the demolition finished.

A straight pedestrian street in Mure area.

Chestnut trees.

Ducks on Sengawa River.

Children practicing football.

Tsutsujigaoka Station.

An FC Tokyo banner displayed near the station.

Very low and narrow underpass to cross Odakyu Line.

A bamboo bush by Route 20.

A little playground

Cute little berries.

Little animal figures displayed by a kindergarten.

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