Another Rainy Run - to Nogawa Park.

This morning, although it was raining, I did my 3rd run of the 4-day weekend.  This time, I ran west along Chuo Line and went down along Seibu Namagawa Line to Nogawa Park.

The start of Kanda River had a lot of water coming out of Inokashira Pond.

It was raining pretty hard when I ran through the park.

A Tokyo poster at the park office.

Seibu Tamagawa Line train.

A lion figure in a little playground.

A manhole of Koganei City shows its mascot - Osui-kun.

A poster of FC Tokyo.

A sad Shotengai near the station - Tokyo 2020 posters are sad.

Nogawa Park viewed from the western edge.

A wild lily.

The entrance to Nature Observation Area.

A trail by the river.

Nogawa River close from the eastern edge of the park.

A nice tree with cute red berries.

There was a raven on the tree.

Bamboo bush.

One of my family's favorite Italian restaurants.

Persimmon - still green.

Posters on the windows of a book store.

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