A Beautiful Morning Run

 Yesterday morning, I had a wonderful beautiful run.

The barrier to west entrance of Takaido Park being constructed.

A sunrise beyond a residential area.

A noise meter at the site of the park construction.

A bird's eye view of the park.

A construction machinery.

A sunrise over the park.

The view of the park from Fujimigaoka side.

Takaido Smokestack seen from a tennis club.

Reflections of trees in a pond of Tsukayama Park.

Dog walkers were gathered.

Playground equipment of Kashinomiya Park.

Camellia flowers.

Kanpachi (Ring Road 8) by Takaido.

Children playing with a soccer ball.

An old religious statue doubled as a sign post by Kugayama.

A new residential building being constructed - using steel columns and beams.

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