A Long Run - to and Back from Hibarigaoka

Yesterday, I managed to go for a long run -  over the distance of a half-marathon!  It truly was a beautiful warm day and I enjoyed it very much.

A fat cat  was looking at me 

A  family tending their shared vegetable lot.

A campaign van of a Nishitokyo city mayor candidate.

The train depot by the station.

A road construction close from Hibarigaoka Station.

Hibarigaoka Station (North side).

The south side - under renovation.

There's a big residential complex.

A big agricultural field.

Another road construction.

The entrance gate.

A police on a bike.

A gate of a big residential house.

Ume (plum) in full blossom.

A family stops by to admire Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine.

This really was a wonderful run.

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