Recent Weekday Morning Runs

I could put in two nice morning runs this week.

On Tuesday, I ran northwest beyond Ogikubo Station to Amanuma Benten-ike Park.

Hachiman-Jinja Shrine north of Ogikubo Station.

The pond of Amnanuma Benzaiten-ike Park.

People gathered to do Rajiotaiso.

A huge Zelkoba tree close from Nishiogikubo Station.

Pretty pink plum blossom.

And  yesterday morning, I ran north-west.

Tulips already!

Trees are lined up.

An old farm house entrance gate is preserved.

A woody area is also preserved.

Frozen ground.

Plum blossom.

Mt. Fuji seen from the pedestrian bridge over Chuo Line by Mitaka Station.

People boarding a bus.

Satozakura cherry blossom at Nishi-En.

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